The Event

Changing your point of view to create opportunity

Designers have always analyzed problems from unconventional points of view to arrive at innovative solutions: that’s what many call creativity.

At MDW18, students, professionals and companies, both large and small, used creativity in a way that was both interesting and reassuring–to address a topic that affects us all. This topic was the common thread at MDW18: “How can we save our planet from the inundation of waste? Is there an alternative to using plastics?”

How can we save our planet from the inundation of waste? Is there an alternative to using plastics?

The theme is far from new–for awhile now we have studied and experimented. What is new is the way and context in which it is being discussed – at Milan Design Week, the world’s most important design event, with near unanimous participation. The trendsetters who contributed to the debate and the solutions proposed show a decisive reversal with respect to past editions, when the primary objective seemed to be promote a brand, communicate in every way possible its presence, with spectacular installations.

Shoreline plastic, Deploeg’s projects. Photocredits: Deploeg.
Hidden Senses: Sony Design Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2018

Technology as an integrated part of our existence

Large companies that reach the masses applied new frontiers of technology to communicate their vision of the future in a new way: visitors were invited to emotionally interact with intelligent objects rather than assist with a show.

The proposed scenarios call attention to a possible reality in which technology co-exists with daily objects, or better yet–become an integrated part of the objects. A presence that is continually evolving, slowly but surely. This presence may be disruptive, but it does not feel connected to a single, traumatic event.

The suggestion is comforting: in the near future we must not subject ourselves to radical changes in our habits, but rather the objects we already know will become proactive and learn that which we could like and that which we need, at which time we can begin to relax in our smart environment.

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