CMF Trends

Color Highlights

Hearthy pinks

Analyzing the color trends at MDW, pink has been the most explored area for at least two years. Discover our analysis of color trends at MDW in our reports from 2016 and 2017.

Even so we do not have a feeling of repetition: each time we witness, with admiration, a harmonic movement that brings this same color in new, diverse, and innovative directions.


The chromatic space is continuous and fluid, so much that each single color is the center of infinite variants, shades, vibrations, thus proving how much richness can emerge from the differences and how many harmonies are hidden in the same “color.”


This year, the harmonies around pink touched the most warm tones, nearing yellow and dimmed orange, similar to intense and compact areas of the ground. This atmosphere is rendered even more interesting by the choices of materials that have a starring role: fabrics, metals and natural woods that are themselves expressions of color.

from left to right: emma-stories of home, Swedish Design Moves, photocredits: mattia buffoli / gas swivel chair, stua pavilion, photocredits: simona.sagripanti / shade carpet, Design by Begüm Cana Özgür, Nanimarquina, photocredits: simona.sagripanti / sunrise and sunset tables, artefatto design studio for DeCastelli, photocredits:decastelli / case studies textiles collection at salone satellite, photocredits:case.studies / tacchini pavilion at salone del mobile, photocredits:simona.sagripanti / decastelli pavilion at salone del mobile, photocredits:simona.sagripanti.

Back to Decoration

Decoration has returned with both elegance and a touch of irony through ornamental motifs. Inspired by nature but with noticeable references to an aristocratic past, the new type of decoration mixes antique atmospheres with contemporary vision. The depictions were evocative yet still very current.

We admired the precious details of the designs and the complexity of the scenarios, as shown in the Museum of Extinct Animals (Moooi), in which imaginary creatures were resurrected in a fantasy scenario.

Nature is depicted as surreal and poetic, rich with citations. Decoration often evokes Flemish atmospheres and an exuberant provocation.

from left to right: Arcadia Concept by Sara Ricciardi, Curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein for Schloss Hollenegg, Illustration by Matteo Morelli / Josh, seating landscape for Moroso by Edward van Vliet, photocredits: Edward.van.Vliet /  the extinct animal wallcovering collection by Arte for Mooi, photocredits: mooi / odilia, woven room divider, Meisterwerke, photocredits:Meisterwerke / Dimorestudio installation, photocredits: simona.sagripanti.

Electric blaze

The combination of intense pink, fuchsia, red, and violet, together with deep, intense electric blue, is among the newest and most interesting color harmonies observed at MDW18. It’s difficult to describe this play between lights and chromatic vibrations with a single name in a static vision. The objects that present this explosive force of color are actually the amalgamation of many elements full of energy and dynamism: surfaces with textures that bring out changes in color and lightness, geometry and patterns rich with movement, colored lights that sum up the colors of materials and play with the perception of the spectator.

from left to right: hermès maison, by hermès, photocredits:simona.sagripanti / tropicalist vase, les petites nomades, louis vuitton, design campana brothers, photocredits:louis.vuitton / under the light, hidden senses by sony, photocredits:yellowtrace / local design, The Bloom cabinet by Adam Goodrum & Arthur Seigneur, photocredits: Arthur Seigneur / fifth ring installation, MAD Architects for Audi, photocredits: mad.architects / Moroso pavilion at salone del mobile, photocredits:simona.sagripanti.

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